Date 07-January-2021 (13:25)
Subject Participation in HVAC KOREA 2020
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Participation in HVAC KOREA 2020
07-January-2021 (13:25)
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Sep. 15th~ 17, 2020 at SETEC

We introduced AGV Smart Lift in recognition of our smart technology at the PR Hall of Korea Mech. Const. Contractors Association in HVAC Korea 2020, which is the only MEP exhibition in South Korea. The exhibition organizer paid attention to AGV Smart Lift, a solution for unmanned and automation in the non-contact society as content related to “Smart Construction”.
In addition, JDMTECH’s Smart Pre-Fab.& Modular Solution(SPMS) was also introduced to them. Even in the COVID-19, many spectators who were keenly paid attention to JDMTECH’s vision and technology.
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